Digital Foundry learned Apex Legends on consoles

Digital Foundry – Eurogamer’s technical department – studied the graphics and optimization of Apex Legends on PS4 / Pro and Xbox One / X. The basic Xbox One was expectedly behind due to a unique problem that is not on the PS4.

Shading (AO) is only on Pro and X
On the base consoles it is noticeable how the shadows are drawn as the character moves.
X and Pro are higher rendering distance, texture quality is slightly better
Dynamic resolution and temporal smoothing (TSSAA) on all consoles
PS4 Pro – from 1440p to 1080p, Xbox One X – from 1080p to 1440p (sometimes higher), PS4 – from 900p to 1080p (sometimes 720p), Xbox One – from 720p (sometimes 648p)
When landing on base consoles a maximum of 30 FPS, on the ground – 60 FPS, on X and Pro, the upper limit is always 60
FPS on X and Pro is almost stable; Xbox One has microfreezes and drawdowns of up to 45 FPS in a typical study; on PS4 FPS reduced to 50-53 in difficult scenes (smoke, skirmish on high ground, etc.)

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